An innovative, cost effective, practical answer to the needs of the dairy industry from farm to the laboratory!

MILKANA® Milk Analyzers are robust, reliable, automated multi-parameter milk analyzer providing rapid test results for Fat, Protein, Solid Non-Fat (SNF), Lactose, Density, Freezing Point, Added Water, pH, Temperature, Conductivity and Total Acidity (°SH) in different types of raw milk (optional: cow, sheep, goat, buffalo). RS-232&USB interface, micro printer and automatic data capture are integrated. Based upon ultra-sound technology, the instrument does not require costly chemicals, caustic or reagents for testing.

  • Surprisingly affordable, efficient way to test for critical components of milk.
  • Portable, light-weight design for field testing.
  • User friendly, push botton, walk-away protocol.
  • Simple calibration and measuring adjustment completed by operator.
  • Produced based upon Ultra-Sound system technology
  • 12 V power cable option fo car use
  • No chemicals are used for measuring
  • Lightened LCD screen
  • Wasy to use and clean
  • Optional Cow/Sheep/Goat/Buffalo channels
  • Data collection system (memory 120 results)
  • USB&RS-232 connection
  • Milk Analyzer Software is available for each model
  • CIP and manual cleaning system
  • Technical services and spare part guarantee


  • Farm testing: Portable, accurate, simple measurement of co-mingled herd milk facilities optimal herd management.
  • Milk collection stations: Quick, accurate, cost-effective results for a wide range of critical components of in-coming raw milk. Easy to use, walk-away convenience with RS232&USB for automated recording results.
  • Laboratory: Reliable testing with optional automated data collection. Compact, easy to use unit requiring no costly caustic chemicals. Stream-lined user-friendly calibration and simple operating procedure.
  • Research & Development: Providing essential information for value added product development. MILKANA®devices are user-friendly, repeatable, reliable and low maintenance instruments.
  • Dairy science studies: Convenient, simple to use, cost-effective tool for introducing dairy science students to testing requirements. Low-cost, low maintenance and easy to use in studies by graduate and undergraduate students.

Mayasan® offers different models which have capability of measuring till 11 physical parameters and somatic cell count: