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About us

Ingredients & Equipment for Dairy Industries

50+ years of experience & confidence

MAYASAN® was founded back in ‘70 to produce the rennet used to make cheese. Nowadays the Company is both manufacturer and supplier of ingredients and equipment, for the dairy industry. Our products are exported worldwide, applied in 5 continents and 60+ countries.

We are grateful to our distributors, customers & end users around the world for their contribution to our success and growth. We all know that we can only go beyond your drive for what we have achieved thanks to your support and trust.

Our Strengths

experienced and trained staff

improved logistics

new production plant

brand new equipment

multiple laboratories

partnerships to grow together

Our Services

specialized technical support

in-house auditorium for lectures

in-house pilot plant

assistance to cheese manufacturers
and distributors

technical services for
supplied equipments

“Milk Academy”
for customers training

Our Products

Ingredients & Equipments

The  product portfolio of MAYASAN® includes different categories of products for the dairy industry. As a biotech company, MAYASAN® is equipped with the latest technology  to offer high-quality food ingredients, additives and various quality control tools and equipment.

Various types of cheese
Rennet & Coagulants

Calf Rennet, Microbial Coagulants &
100% Chymosin

White Greek yogurt

Starter Cultures

for Fresh dairy & Cheese

Cheese maker

Ingredients for Dairy Industry

Lactase Enzyme, Lysozyme, Natamycin, Nisin & Colorants

Quality control of milk

Milk Analyzers

Quality control of milk

Antibiotic Test kits

News & Events

FI Europe 2023

November 28-30

FI Europe 2021

FI Europe 2021

November 30-December 2

Mayasan Biotech offer high-quality food ingredients, additives and various quality control tools and equipment for the dairy industry, such as Coagulants, Starter Cultures, Milk Analyzers and Antibiotic Test kits

FI Europe 2019

December 3-5

FI Europe 2018

IFT 2018

July 16-18

FI Europe 2017

FI Europe 2017

November 28-30