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Powder Lactase Enzyme

Mayalact® AL

for Lactose Free Products

Mayalact® AL is used in food supplements, ready-to-eat food mixes and processed foods. Protein mixtures containing whey proteins treated with Mayalact® AL can also be easily consumed by lactose-sensitive individuals. Examples of non-dairy products that may contain additional lactose are instant breakfast mixes, beverage mixes, coffee whiteners, baby cereals, cake mixes, sausages, mayonnaise, ready-to-eat foods, and some processed foods. 

Another approach is to use Mayalact® AL in dietary supplements as a digestive aid. Mayalact® AL is ideal for food supplements used in the treatment of lactose digestion, showing direct effects on the gut. It has been observed that digestion is easier when lactase supplement is taken before a meal.


versatile in various food products

compatible with dairy and non-dairy products

enables lactose-free protein consumption

enhances digestion and promotes comfort

Table of Activity

Mayalact® AL


Mayalact® AL 100Powder100.000 ALU/g

Packing Options

Granular packaging big one

1000 g


bowls of sour cream or yogurt
bowls of sour cream or yogurt
bowls of sour cream or yogurt

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