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Ingredients for Dairy Industry

Customized solutions for dairy

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Mayasan® offers high quality food ingredients and additives for dairy industry.

Cute asian little child girl is drinking a milk, soft focus

Lactase Enzyme – Mayalact®

Holding cheese wheel at the storage

Lysozyme (E-1105) – Mayozyme ®

Yellow Hard Cheese

Annatto & Chlorophyll


Natamycin (E-235) – Pimalac®

Nisin – Valisin®


Maya-Max PL-L

Phospholipase A2

Other Products

Ingredients & Equipments

The  product portfolio of MAYASAN® includes different categories of products for the dairy industry. As a biotech company, MAYASAN® is equipped with the latest technology  to offer high-quality food ingredients, additives and various quality control tools and equipment.

Various types of cheese

Rennet & Coagulants

Calf, Microbial &
100% Chymosin

bowls of sour cream or yogurt

Starter Cultures

for Fresh dairy & Cheese

Quality control of milk

Milk Analysers

Quality control of milk

Antibiotic Test kits